Why Findmate?

There are so many dating sites out there these days, so why promote Findmate? We go above and beyond to protect our members from a negative experiences and have industry-leading technology to prevent bots, scammers, and misbehaving members. We employ the latest technology and AI to determine the trust and safety a user before they can send a single message, leading to members having a great experience, and coming back to Findmate.
We work tirelessly to continually improve the dating experience. Every single day we think of new ways to improve our services, interface, and proprietary technology to help improve the utility of Findmate for our members. We may be small now compared to some other platforms, however, we are growing quickly and always looking for partners who will help us expand and achieve our goals.


Enjoy commissions of 70% on recurring and one-time sales (post payment fees of ~4%). By default, recurring payment of approximately $10 a month (depending on the country) is charged to the member's PayPal account (prices vary slightly based on exchange rates). Since we launched our paid-membership option in March 2018, we've had some users who have paid $10 a month every month since launch, the clearest indication that those who enjoy Findmate and are serious about finding a partner stick with us for the long term.
We also offer a one-time payment option for members costing $25 for one month, $49 for 3 months, or $99 a year. Commissions are the same for recurring or one-time payments, so one click can lead to a commission of up to $85 for an affiliate. We've also had several members renew their one-time membership, which will also be credited to the affiliate for the lifetime of that member's account.
In the event of a failed recurring payment because of the member's credit card blocking the payment or otherwise, the member can only make one-time payments going forward. This has led to an increase of reliability of payments, as recurring payments can occasionally fail. This is not unique to Findmate, and is in part due to the many unscrupulous dating sites that have unethical and often illegal practices, and have made the dating landscape risky for payment processors.
How are we able to offer 70% commissions? First, we want Findmate to be the biggest and most widely used dating site in the world, so we want to give a powerful incentive for our affiliates to prefer linking to us versus our competitors. Second, we earn a small amount on all traffic as we use display advertising in our app and our site to help us cover our expenses.


Our session cookies last by default 1 month, however, the affiliate tracking is stored with the user as soon as they press any signup button. So if they don't complete their profile immediately, but decide to try Findmate months or even years later, it will still be tracked to the original affiliate who referred the member. If multiple affiliates refer a user, the first affiliate who refers the user who clicks any signup button will get the commission.

In-App Payments

In addition to payments on the web, we also accept in-app recurring payments in our Android and iOS apps. Due to the difficulty of tracking payments on the app stores, we will encourage users to initially create their account on web, then give them an easy way to install the app afterwards. Any payments made with that account, regardless of where it was created will be tracked to the original referring affiliate, and will be credited to your account.

Tracking IDs

Add multiple sites to your affiliate account with ease. There is no limit on how many tracking codes you can use, and for what purpose you will use them for. We allow any form of advertising so long as it is legal, and not deceptive in nature. Unlike many other affiliate programs, we do not specifically require you to link to your own website first, and you may link directly to our site, potentially increasing conversion rates. Having the flexibility to create multiple tracking IDs makes it simple to track the effectiveness of different campaigns, and you can even create vanity URLs with whatever text you like (up to 100 characters).


Payments are paid out via PayPal, so no need to hand over your sensitive banking information. Simply provide your PayPal email address in the affiliate signup process, and you'll be paid out monthly for any earnings. There are no minimums, so even if you are just starting out and only earn a few commissions, you'll be paid regardless of amount.

Trial Membership

Most members will be granted a trial membership depending on a variety of factors, such as our proprietary trust metrics, what country they are signing up for, how likely they are to convert among other factors that we can't detail for security reasons. This trial can last anywhere from 7 days to 1 month depending on several factors. We've found from different experiments that giving users a chance to fully use the platform before deciding to become a subscriber increases conversion rates as they can see the value in using it immediately.

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