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    Giản dị, biết chăm lo gia đình
    From the Netherlands(Holland) and living in Vietnam currently Not many requirements, but just a few "please" Do's and Don't s DON'T contact me *if you are a scammer ( *if you're currently already in a relationship (why hurt others?)( *if you like BAD guys who will eventually break your heart ( *if you just want to practice English (respect us, please?) ( *if you cannot find the time for building a happy relationship ( *if you don't really know why you are here(it's a DATING site) ( *if "smokey, nicotine-filled" bars or "noisy, ear-damaging" clubs are your definition of having fun( *if you simply can't comprehend that quality time is NOT to stare at your camera phone all the time( *if happiness is just not what you are looking for ( *if you were a male before DO contact me *if you are "really" single ) *if you are willing to create time for building a happy relationship ) *if you understand a bit what happiness means ) *if love and harmony means a lot to you ) *if you are in tune with yourself and do understand that relaxing on the couch, cooking together or dining out defines "quality time") *if you are "smart" enough to recognize that your smartphone and social media are just tools and should never control your daily life and moods) *if you are ready ) I am looking for someone to settle down with Someone who likes movies, science, jazz, reading, and don't mind if I play piano and guitar A partner who would love to have a garden with me someday, perhaps far from the metropolitan city life Someone who will be by my side when I go on holiday to Europe to visit my hometown Someone who is just ready ) I'll end with that it's easy to start a relationship, but finding a life partner is like a needle in a haystack I am also convinced that distance should never be an obstacle as long as both parties have the same vision or goal in common Please take your time to re-read my
    Hi! Hope to have more new friends
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    I like to travel, I like cooking, listening to music, like doing business
    I want to make friends with everyone


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