Ladyboy in pool
Ladyboy in pool

Ladyboy Dating

Ladyboy Dating

Thai & Filipina Ladyboys

The easiest way to meet ladyboys in the Philippines and Thailand.

Our system has a specific gender category for people interested in Ladyboys so there is never any confusion, and everything is clear up-front.

Key Benefits

  1. Specific Category for Ladyboys
    No confusion about who you are meeting
  2. Tailored experience for those seeking ladyboys
    You can choose to view women or ladyboys at any time by editing your orientation
  3. Ladyboys seeking Western Men
    Our ladyboys are eager to meet men from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and beyond.

All Are Welcome

Findmate welcomes people of any sexual orientation to join our platform. Ladyboy's (trans women) are abundant on our platform, and have their own specific gender on our site and app so they are not just lumped into the Female category, which can make for some awkward experiences. We want to make sure trans people find the right people out there, who are seeking that out, because we believe that leads to a better experience overall.

Using our ladyboy finder, you can easily meet thousands of lovely ladyboys in Asia who are eager to make your acquaintance. We have members from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and all over Asia who would love to get to know you and learn about you. In time, you can develop a relationship and even find a ladyboy girlfriend to be with you for the long term, unlike Tinder ladyboy apps which are strictly for short-term/casual relationships, we also encourage long-term and lasting relationships here at Findmate.

Asian countries tend to have different norms in regards to culture and dating compared to Western civilization. Many Asian countries have different religious beliefs, such as Buddhism, that offer more flexibility and freedom in terms of being yourself and doing what makes you truly happy.

Finding a Ladyboy Girlfriend

If you are planning on visiting an Asian country in the hopes of finding a ladyboy to date, you will have plenty of options on which country to visit. Thailand and the Philippines are known for having a lot of ladyboys. Take your time with dating a ladyboy to find out their true intentions and let them know right away what you are looking for. If you plan on making a trip to an Asian country, you’re sure to have plenty of wonderful attractions to visit depending on what country you decide to visit.

So what is the best ladyboy dating site in 2023? It's Findmate of course, with thousands of members online daily, and a specific gender available for ladyboys, and the ability to search for that, it just makes sense to use Findmate instead of other asian dating apps to find ladyboys, as we're just the obvious choice for a ladyboy dating app.

What does 'Ladyboy' Mean?

A term that is often used in Asian countries to describe a transgender woman is a "ladyboy". A ladyboy is typically a biological male, that lives their life as a woman. Ladyboys can be surprisingly outgoing and friendly for a culture that can be somewhat reserved at times. On some other asian ladyboy dating apps like filipino cupid, you really can't be 100% sure if the person you're speaking to is a woman, because they do not clearly identity users with their proper gender, this can leave some people feeling tricked, which just doesn't happen on our platform as we have more specific genders that make it clearer.

Ladyboys are typically found in larger cities in Thailand and Philippines, but can be found in smaller cities as well. Because the culture in Asian countries is a little more flexible and their beliefs cause them to be less judgmental, ladyboys often can come out and show off their personalities and feelings without being judged or shunned. They can feel free to be whoever they want to be.

It is refreshing to ladyboys in Asian countries because they can be a normal member of their society due to the reality that being transgender or gay is not viewed as something negative. Family members are often proud of a ladyboy in their family because they have made the decision to be open and honest about who they are. Finding a ladyboy in an Asian country is usually pretty easy, as there are a lot of them. However, finding a ladyboy who wants a true, respectable relationship can be a bit more challenging. Oh my ladyboy dating sites are not in such abundance, in fact, they are quite a small niche considering that it's such an out in the open thing in Asia. Hopefully we can help people find happiness by connecting the right people here on Findmate.

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Marupit, Philippines


Taytay, Philippines


Cordova, Philippines


Tucuran, Philippines


Bua Lai, Thailand


Liloy, Philippines


Mabini, Philippines


Baugo, Philippines


Baugo, Philippines


Bislig, Philippines


Quezon City (Novaliches), Philippines


Apas, Philippines


San Pedro, Philippines


Ban Khlong Bang Sao Thong, Thailand


Adlaon, Philippines


Pulong Santa Cruz, Philippines


-, Philippines


San Fabian, Philippines


Taytay, Philippines

Micki Jay

San Remigio, Philippines


Maybunga, Philippines


Pateros, Philippines


Bagong Silang, Philippines


Pakiputan, Philippines


Mariano, Philippines


Buliran, Philippines


Palangue, Philippines


Alabang, Philippines


Matalom, Philippines


Dipolog City, Philippines


Tondo, Philippines


Jaro, Philippines


Carmona, Philippines


Makati City, Philippines


Gerona, Philippines


Masinloc, Philippines


Calamba, Philippines


Patnongon, Philippines


Dalorong, Philippines


Santo Niño, Philippines

Cindy 😍

Tangke, Philippines


Quezon City (Libis), Philippines


La Salette, Philippines


Buagsong, Philippines

Hera 🥰

Norzagaray, Philippines

Stefanie ✨♥️

Pangasinan, Philippines


Zamboanga, Philippines

Lady boy❤️ proud to be❤️

Calero, Philippines


San Fernando, Philippines


Lahug, Philippines
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