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Angeles City is a city of around 325,000 people found in the Philippines with a rich history and diverse culture. Travelers there enjoy visiting the colonial Holy Rosary Church that was erected in the 19th century, as well as the Mount Pinatubo volcano, which is active. The locals enjoy getting together to celebrate life at various fiestas and parties, while enjoying the finest sumptuous, local cuisines. 

The city has become more Westernized over the past couple decades, largely due to the former American Air Force Base that was there. The American troops certainly made their influence and this is one reason you see so many expats living there today. For the party goer, barhopping on Fields Avenue is a must, as it’s hustling and bustling with locals and tourists. There’s plenty of bars with women ready and willing to enjoy a night of fun.

Angeles City is considered a “red light district”, which means that there are plenty of brothels, prostitution, strip clubs, and so on. There are plenty of bars or establishments where you’ll see beautiful women who are seeking a night of fun in exchange for some cash. If seeing these things doesn’t sit right with you, you may want to consider traveling elsewhere. While this may be true, there are plenty of Filipino women who hold to the more traditional type of dating and marriage.

Of course, dating in the Philippines in general is a bit different than dating in Western countries. Typically, women are reserved and wait for a man to approach them with an interest in dating. Many times, a first date will not occur out in the community, but rather in the Filipino girl’s home, where her parents are nearby. Courtship is important to those holding onto tradition, where premarital sex is frowned upon. If you’re wanting a vacation kind of one-nighter fling, you’ll want to steer clear of women in Angeles City who favor traditional dating norms.

However, there are plenty of women in Angeles City who no longer adhere to the traditional rules of dating. Rather, they enjoy going out on dates in the community to a restaurant or bar to enjoy a night on the town. They’re probably not going to be all touchy, feely, but they may be a bit flirtatious. Public displays of affection aren’t all that common per their cultural upbringing, so you might want to keep PDA to a bare minimum.

Again, this will depend on their upbringing and preferences. As with many cultures, many women look to the influence of America for guidance when it comes to dating and with the widespread use of the internet and internet dating, many men and women in the Angeles City area have resisted the more traditional dating norms. 

Still, whether you’re looking for an Angeles City man or woman, there’s plenty of wonderful ones for dating. Do your part by continuing to learn about Filipino dating culture and feel free to have open and honest conversations with potential dates about any area of concern. 

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