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Aside from being just a place famous for its best-tasting chocolates and hunger-filling waffles, Belgium has a lot to offer. If you’re into music, Belgium has a couple of the best music festivals in the world such as Tomorrowland, and I love Techno. If you’re into history, Belgium hosts many beautiful historical cities and castles which have stood the test of time.

Afraid of being left out? Well, Belgium is highly multicultural as numerous different nationalities share their lives together and speak different languages – Dutch, French, and German. Isn’t it interesting that no language is actually called Belgian?

During their leisure time, Belgians love to spend their weekend near the seaside, wherein many luxury boutiques are available for women to go shopping. So if you’re planning to date a Belgian woman, and especially if you love the sun, better be beach-ready.

If you’re a food lover, more so if you know how to cook, compatibility level with Belgian women increases as they are also fond of good food. Picnics and food outings are frequent and often complement a weekend escapade to the beach. And don’t you ever worry about them being late, because they never are. They would show up at your meeting place minutes before your agreed time. It’s no wonder they are know to have the most punctual airport in the world.

Belgians are also progressive thinkers. They would love you regardless of your gender preferences, so sexuality is not an issue. Belgium was the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2003, so all forms of love are welcomed and celebrated.

If you’re looking for a relationship wherein you can openly be who you really are, Belgians are the best partners you can have. They would be willing to celebrate every individual milestone with you – of course over a hearty lunch as you enjoy the romantic view of the beach and the calming waves.

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