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If you are planning to have a getaway in South America, then Colombia should be at the top of your list. With its rich history and tropical landscapes, this country has been one of the top destinations for tourism. The Andean mountains alone captures the beauty Colombia has to offer, not to mention the vast coffee plantations in the country. Colombia is a destination not only for ecological tourism but for culinary as well. Bandeja paisa and sudado de pollo are the must-try dishes you should not miss.

Colombia is more than just a country with beautiful places. It is also famous for its vibrant dating scene and beautiful women. The Colombian women are undeniably attractive even when they are just strolling on the streets.

When dating a Colombian woman, you should be aware they still adhere to the traditional style of dating. As a man, you are expected to pay for dates and treat your woman well. You can say, “chivalry is not dead” when it comes to Colombian dating. With the high expectations for men, you can expect the Colombian women to reciprocate your efforts. Colombian women are known to dress up and doll up themselves for the guy they like.

Also, Colombians like to bring their friends along on dates. So, if you want to have alone time with your date, ask her beforehand if you should bring your friends as well to entertain her friends. After three to four dates with a Colombian woman, be prepared to meet her family.

Colombian women are stereotyped to be quick-tempered. In reality, they are just very straightforward. When it comes to flirting with a man, they tend to remain quiet and demure. Colombian women firmly believe that men should make the first move. And when you find yourself making a move, you will discover how Colombian women are beautiful inside and out.

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