Costa Rica Dating

Costa Rica is a country very rich in biodiversity. It houses more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity despite its landmass taking up less than 1% of the Earth’s surface. The country’s marine area is ten times greater than its land area. So, if you’re into appreciating nature, as well as the richness of various species, Costa Rica is an excellent place to explore.

In terms of culture, if you’re not that much of a punctual person, then there’s no problem in Costa Rica. They have a funny way of expressing this: “Tico Time,” which means being late is the norm rather than the exception in many circumstances. You don’t have to fret about being a few minutes late. Heck, even an hour late is still considered on-time in Costa Rica, so be prepared for some lounging around in Costa Rica, and leave the hustle and bustle back home.

The Catholic Church plays a significant role in how Costa Ricans (or Ticos/Ticas, as they call themselves) live their lives. When dating a Tica, it’s critical you get acquainted with their Catholic beliefs first – that includes abstinence from intimate acts before marriage and the intolerance of divorce.

Close family ties are also a distinctive characteristic of Costa Ricans. If you wish to date and eventually marry a Tica, you will often have to court their family as well. This includes not just their parents and siblings, but even their extended family members. You should also anticipate celebrating important occasions with in-laws.

If you are an expat in Costa Rica interested in dating a Tica, patience is key to understanding and coping with cultural differences. Nevertheless, these women are worth the endeavor, as they are very open and understanding and make excellent partners. They are also know to be very loving, and family at the center of many of their important decisions – which means if she is your partner, you can consider your family and extended part of that relationship as well.

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