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If you are looking for both adventure and culture, Croatia is the place to be. It is home to majestic island-speckled coastlines, picturesque lakes, clear rivers, and exciting hiking sites. Croatia also offers rich European history and tradition through its old museums and unforgettable delicacies.

Croatians are well known for their hospitality. Some foreigners even extend their stays because of the warm welcome of the locals. According to many visitors, Croatians are indeed easy to fall in love with. One of the primary reasons is they love cooking. Croatian cuisine is a absolute must-try. From the country’s most famous truffles to its simple homemade pasta, their extraordinary delicacies will surely melt your heart. It’s not only the women who are the master chefs though many Croatian men are known are also masters at the grill as well.

Croatians are avid fans of football. If you find yourself in an awkward first date, be sure to mention the sport and the conversation will follow. Being simple people, they believe the little things are the biggest contributors to happiness and quality of life. They don’t need their dates to own huge houses, have high-paying jobs, and contain billions in their bank accounts. What they look for is the perfect combination of love, companionship, and lively conversation.

Croatians value communication in a relationship. They always make sure to tell their partner what they are feeling. By doing so, miscommunications and arguments can be avoided. Croatians also make sure the person they are talking to is having an enjoyable time. They are witty, easy-going, and fun to talk to. However, steer away from sensitive topics such as wars, politics, and Serbia. These topics will definitely avoid ticking them off!

Dating a Croatian is far from being dull and boring. So, pack your bags and ready yourself for a whirlwind romance in Croatia.

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