Date in Asia

Date in Asia

Find a Date in Asia. Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and More

Asia is the largest continent in the world with land spanning one third of the planet. It’s an incredibly diverse landscape where you’ll find everything from miles and miles of deserts, to well-known places like Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Cyprus, the Dead Sea, Mount Everest, and much more. 

Religion-wise, Asia birthed all the major world religions, like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. As you can imagine in a land so large, many languages are spoken on the continent, with three language families at the base. 

With Asia being such a large territory, customs and culture vary greatly from one area to the next. You can be in Beijing, China living in an upscale home among the hustle and bustle of a thriving economy or you could be in a tiny, remote town in Laos living in a hut with your extended family, living off the land. 

When for a date in asia, it can be a bit more challenging if you don’t understand the cultural differences. As with many cultures, Asians take pride when their marriages and families are good, knowing that their lineages will be passed down nicely. If you end up dating someone that parents don’t approve of, it can be rough sailing.

Asians tend to begin dating later than other cultures, primarily because so much emphasis is put on college. And, when Asian women start dating, it’s not always about love, as security sometimes means more than love to them. They want to land a man that can provide for them for the long haul, and it’s not that they won’t work and contribute; they simply want that security from a man.

When it comes to families, parents in Asia tend to be fairly involved in their adult children’s relationships. First impressions on the family are important, as winning parents over can make the relationship go much more favorably. 

Many Asian cities still regard sex before marriage taboo, and because of this Asian dating isn't for everyone, but in some areas this attitude is changing. Larger cities like Shanghai or Beijing tend to have adopted a more Westernized view of premarital sex, but still, there are men and women that stick with their traditional upbringing, waiting until after marriage. 

There tends to be quite a bit of pressure from parents and grandparents for adults to get married before a certain age. There’s a term called “left-over women”, which are women who are above age 27 and are still not married. This puts some pressure on the young adults to take dating more seriously than some other countries where it’s quite fine to wait until later in life to marry. 

If you’re seriously dating in China, it’s acceptable to be pretty absorbed in your partner, sometimes even wearing the same outfit. It is even considered pretty normal to not have friends and a social life outside of your partner, which Westerners would deem codependent. Dating in Asia is a serious endeavor, so it’s not unheard of to hear couples calling themselves husband and wife even before marriage. They’re not playing the field just for the fun of it; they’re in it to win it with a home run kind of marriage. 

As always, there are some Asian men and women who don’t hold onto customs or traditions when it comes to dating. With the internet now at the fingertips of many Asians, adopting the dating traditions of other areas of the world is easy, and is part of the reason dating cultures are experiencing change around the world. 

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