European Dating

European Dating

Many people have a desire to visit Europe at some point in their life, as it has so much to offer tourists. Depending on where you visit in Europe, there are certain activities you may already have in mind, such as visiting a beach, historical landmarks, restaurants, and nightclubs. 


Dating in Europe can be an incredible experience and can be slightly different than Western cultures. However, since there are so many places to visit in Europe, it can be difficult to know the dating and courtship norms in the area you are at. If you know the specific region you’re visiting, do some research specifically for that area. 


Typically, European women would rather be approached by a man than by them making the first move. This is slightly different regarding French men. French men tend to enjoy “the game” and like to be chased. They find the chase fun and exhilarating. In certain European countries, such as Switzerland, men are more reserved and would rather be approached by a woman to ensure that she is genuinely interested. As always, it is important to be upfront and honest about what you are looking for when approaching someone with the desire to date them. It is best to be honest, so you both know what you are looking for and time will not be wasted. 


Some people believe that European men are much more respectful and mature than American men. They are raised differently than those who have a Western upbringing. They are taught from a very young age how to respect women and how to have proper manners. The biggest difference between Western men and European men is usually the mindset that accompanies dating. Western men tend to have a set “goal” in what they want from a woman, while European men do not necessarily believe in labels and are more future oriented. 


European women are different from Western women in the way that they are typically very reserved and go-with-the-flow. They like to see a man make the first move and if a date is planned, they want to man to handle everything. If their first date is at a restaurant, a European woman will usually order something light or even let the man decide what to order for her. She wants to make sure the man is capable of decision making and being assertive. Western women tend to be more outspoken and independent and this tends to be the opposite for European women. 


If you are planning on visiting Europe with the hopes of finding love or simply just dating, keep these things in mind to ensure you know how to handle the dating life. There are tons of different places to visit in Europe and the people can be different in every country. It will be no trouble finding a place to take a woman on a date in Europe because there are plenty of tourist attractions and hotspots that would make a wonderful date. Always remember to be respectful and knowledgeable about their culture, so you can make the best of your dating endeavors. 

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