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French women are family orientated. If you are looking for a French woman that is just looking for some fun, then you are barking up the wrong tree. They are taking relationships seriously and they expect the same from their men. Your intentions when seeking out a French woman should be pure, as they are not know as “easy” and hookups are not as commonplace as other countries in the western world.

France has a unique dating and romantic culture as is often seen in media. Because of the language barrier, it would certainly be helpful to learning at least some basic French, as this effort can show that you are serious about getting to know their culture. Even if you are just considering dating a French woman, learning some basic phrases would help score points with even the most standoffish of women.

What they are looking for in a man is someone that is able to provide for her, and pamper her with romantic gestures. Flower, chocolates and other small gifts on a date with a French lady can help express your interest in a way that perhaps your lack of French can’t.

They might be speaking a different language and have different beliefs about relationships and having fun. But, if you are serious about dating a French woman, and you are taking her beliefs at heart, you will have someone you can depend on for the rest of your life. They might be difficult to find and to get to fall in love with you. But, if you do find one that loves you, you will have something special that you should not take for granted.

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