Hanoi Dating

Hanoi Dating

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, is an exciting city to visit. It is a scene of organized chaos - with motorbikes dominating the roads, the smell of food mingling with other unpleasant scents, and the demanding shopkeepers in the Old Quarter, the prime shopping district of the city. Hanoi also has a mix of culture and scenery as shown by landmarks such as the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, and Hoa Lo Prison.

Unlike other Southeast Asian nations, Hanoi women are considered to be transparent. They are not afraid to speak what is on their mind. Hence, it is easier for men to understand the wants and needs of the local women, no crystal ball required.

Hanoi residents are considered to be naturally jealous people. Once they see their partner walking with the opposite gender, they would go nuts. Women even reach to the extent of slapping the faces of their husbands publicly!

Although the culture in Hanoi is influenced by Chinese, they are still considered more liberated than the Chinese locals. Hanoi men and women are constantly using dating apps like Findmate to meet new people. According to study, 95% of the women in these dating apps are career oriented women who are searching to date Western men. Some even sleep with them on their first date!

Local food is the way to a Hanoi woman’s heart. Yes, these girls will appreciate if you take them into bars and expensive restaurants, however, local women usually enjoy it more when their dates eat local food with them. Hanoi girls don’t engage themselves with men who are not proven to be good providers as they are pragmatic, so when on a date, especially on a food trip, don’t ever split the bill!

Aside from their liberated side, they also have the Southeast Asian touch of conservativeness. Hanoi women are not expected to make the first move. They enjoy being wooed and continuously pursued by men. They are also not into public displays of affection (PDA). Just like other Asian countries, they value chastity as pride and honor for their families.

Hanoi is a great city to engage in an adventure. However, do it in the presence of Hanoi locals - for they definitely crave for something tender and romantic. Just like their interesting and colorful culture, dating them is equally exciting.

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