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Traveling in Iceland is quite an adventure you may never have experienced before. It is a country worth creating memories - from its steamy springs and icy glaciers to its volcanic deserts and black sand beaches. If you want memorable photos with these magnificent views, this country is perfect for you.

Aside from these fascinating landmarks, Iceland also takes pride in its people. Icelandic residents are known as some of the kindest people in the world. Many foreigners favor dating in the country for just this reason.

Icelandic women are naturally shy. They are easy to approach, but it will be challenging for men to encourage them to be open. First dates usually happen in pubs. By drinking beer, the natural social lubricant helps bring out the talkative side of these women.

Once comfortable, the next dates in Iceland usually happen outdoors - walking in the park, going to the mall, and enjoying a picnic by the lake. They prefer outdoors because it can be a bit pricey for a date in a nice restaurant, and with the idyllic scenery, who wants to spend time indoors? Couples would instead choose to save their money for activities which can bring them closer, rather than creating small talk in front of expensive food.

Iceland is quite small island nation, and Icelandic men usually find themselves meeting the same people every single time they go out. If you’re a foreigner visiting the country, use this as an advantage. Just start the conversation by saying the lines, “Have I met you somewhere before?” This approach is commonly used by men since there is a huge possibility that they have already crossed paths before given the close proximity to others.

Icelandic women are also more attracted to men of Latin decent than their fair-skinned western counterparts. They usually consider their olive complexion sexy compared to men with a lighter complexion. Opposites attract!

Dating in Iceland is almost the same as dating in the US or Canada. They are open-minded and progressive people since they do not have a conservative culture. Dating in this country is a great combination of mystery, adventure, and romance.

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