India Dating

India Dating

Dating an Indian woman can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Because of the huge differences in Indian and Western culture, there can often be misunderstandings, so do your homework. It doesn’t really matter if you are dating long distance, or if you are in India, having some background on their culture and how the family plays a very important role in romance is crucial to establishing a successful relationship with an Indian women.

Save the cheesy pick-up lines, they are best left at home. Indian women can be very serious, and consider the practical aspects of a relationship more so than their western counterparts. PDA or public displays of affection are absolutely off limits in India, especially from foreigners as this could bring shame to the family.

Indian men are often considered to be shy and timid compared to western men, and as a result foreigners can come off as too forthcoming and aggressive, so consider this when approaching an Indian woman, even when using online dating sites and apps. A subtle compliment with a considerate greeting is a great way to break the ice.

Indian women are beautiful and mysterious to most western men, but this can make things quite interesting when meeting for the first time. Patience is virtue when pursuing an Indian lady, and getting the family’s blessing is an absolute must. This is less true for Indian women who were raised in the west, which more often than not adopt the culture of the country they were raised in.

India is the second most populous country in the world, and has significant populations outside of India itself. It has become the home of many advancements in science, medicine, mathematics, and architecture (starting with its famous structures of Taj Mahal and ancient temples).

The Republic of India is also the birthplace of the third and fourth largest religion in the world -- Hinduism and Buddhism. Its unique dishes and cuisine, and very own film industry, Bollywood, make their traditions and culture recognizable all over the world.

Indian women have a colorful fashion. They are stunningly gorgeous in person just as they are portrayed in various Bollywood movies. Also, they celebrate a ‘festival of colors’ (Holi) as part of their tradition. They are a colorful people all around in the best of ways.

As shown by their lively traditions and celebrations, Indian women will bring color to your life through their equally quirky personality. In fact, you can see it in their notably beautiful and hypnotic eyes. They can be dramatic at times, but the light and color will remain with them anywhere at any time.

An Indian lady will most likely speak in a soft voice. She has been trained to sing and dance so be prepared to hear only music when she’s talking or singing alone. Being family-oriented, an Indian lady would have the responsibility to be the head and light of the family. Marrying her would also entail you marrying her family.

Her family plays a significant role in her life as an adult, but she's also an independent, stronger woman capable of empowering others. In fact, most Indian women will already have a budding career in your first meeting!

An Indian woman is a lady of classical grace with the unique kind of beauty and trait. She will make you adore her more and more as you see her do things on her own graceful way.

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