Kuwait Dating

Kuwait Dating

The way of life in Kuwait traces its foundation to Islam, the religion of most of its population. In times of Ramadan, for instance, people are prohibited from eating, drinking, dancing, and singing in public during the day. However, an increasing number of Kuwaiti men and women have also practice alternative religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. But more than just a Muslim country, Kuwait also boasts of its famous cuisine which is a fusion of Indian, Persian, Mediterranean, and Arab cuisine. Kuwait is truly a cultural melting pot of cultures.

So, if you are to date a Kuwaiti woman, you must be ready for lunch dates over kebabs and shawarma. Most of their meals are made with meat and dairy products. But they like healthy food with various spices too. Kuwaiti women are very hospitable and generous. They are passionate about many things including art. If you are into any filmmaking or street art, a Kuwaiti woman may be your best partner as these are quite popular with the locals.

What sets apart Kuwaiti dating culture is the set of traditions to follow amid a highly patriarchal society. Parents allow their sons to date more than they do for their daughters. Historically, women weren’t allowed to date non-Muslim men, however, times are changing and attitudes towards dating evolving over time. Still, women are more restricted regarding their freedom for dating and flirting. Should you wish to marry a Kuwaiti woman, it’s imperative to ask for the blessing of her family first, especially their father.

While it may be a bit difficult to reach out to Kuwaiti women at first because of their traditions, they are nevertheless worth the wait and effort. Keeping that in mind, it’s imperative you take time to understand the Kuwaiti culture first before you go on your first date, as having this background can help your chances in finding true love in Kuwait.

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