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For those looking for breathtaking views and mind-blowing adventures, New Zealand is the perfect place for it. The glaciers are incredibly pleasing to the eyes. The forests are still home to amazing and peaceful walks. The beaches are indeed a must-see. Some attractions include the Tasman National Park, Tongariro Crossing, Wellington, and the unique Waitomo Glow Worm Cave.

Aside from the incredible tourist destinations, the country takes pride in its people too. Kiwis are exciting and very friendly! They are practical people. If you are attracted to a man or woman who is good with machines, can put up their vegetable garden, or ride a horse, a Kiwi is the best fit for you. They are not afraid to do tasks which will get their hands dirty. If it’s needed to be done, they will do it quickly, whatever it takes.

Kiwis are attracted to people who are hardworking since they are also globally known for their excellent work ethics. For them, a job should not be done in the first place if you can’t give your one hundred percent. This can be proven by their mantra - “Go hard or go home.” The mantra is also their mindset with relationships. There is no point in dating someone if you’re not yet ready to commit in a serious relationship.

Kiwis are also considered to be brutally honest. They are not trying to be mean or rude about it. Instead, they want to let the person know so they can address the issues immediately. Since they are frank, it is easier for them to have open communication in their respective relationships to prevent misunderstandings.

Sports are huge in New Zealand as well. They love to play golf, tennis, cricket, and rugby. If you want to connect faster with your date, a great way to break the ice is discussing the popular local sports.

Dating a Kiwi is not as complicated as a mathematical problem. In fact, having a relationship with them is very simple. No need for something grand nor extraordinary. For them, having a safe relationship is the best way to a long lasting one.

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