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A country that’s known for its beautiful beaches, Miss Universe winners, the world’s best surfing and diving spots, and charming streets - Puerto Rico is a self-governing Carribean island associated with the United States. Comparing it to its neighbors, Puerto Rico is just one-fifth as large as the whole Dominican Republic, and a bit smaller than Jamaica.

Part of the charm of the place is the abundance of the plant life and tropical forests. Many tourists, young and old, dream of visiting Puerto Rico for leisure, adventure, or just a simple nature getaway. The people from this place are known as “Puerto Ricans”, which translates to “Rich Port”.

Puerto Rican women are usually described in one word: SIZZLING. They are naturally hot and charming (without exaggeration), and their looks can definitely kill. One famous Puerto Rican is Jennifer Lopez (aka J. Lo). Now, that’s enough to catch your interest to get acquainted with one of these beautiful mamacitas.

Dating a Puerto Rican is a unique experience! The women are friendly, loving, and accommodating. They enjoy conversing with an interesting man, and quickly develop a certain friendly affection for those who let them have fun. Puerto Ricans generally eat a lot. They extend their invitation for several meals to the people they are currently seeing. They make sure their partners are well fed with their delicious food.

At some point, it is impossible not to freak out when they introduce their partner to their family. Puerto Ricans are known to have large families, and they have such a strong bond. It’s sometimes troublesome to try and please everyone.

Lastly, Puerto Rican women may be amusingly flirtatious many times but getting intimate with them is a different story. Sure, they are sexy, loyal, confident, and fun girls. But they won’t give in to temptation unless it’s the right guy who makes them feel special in all kinds of ways.

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