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Russia is undoubtedly massive in all sorts of ways. It is the largest country in the world by area, covering almost 1/9 of the entire planet. Russia is also the second largest oil producer in the world, next to Saudi Arabia.

With regards to their locals, Russians are the 4th biggest drinkers in the world. The country is also home to the most prominent billionaires in the world. Finally, and probably the best among the list, Russia has the largest McDonald’s in the world ready to occupy 700 seats. Oh, the smell of the French fries would get you craving for more!

In the Russian dating culture, chivalry is very distinctive. Men are expected to pick up women from their homes before a date and bring them home safely after. They have to open doors, pay the bills, plan the dates, and carry things for the women. Russian women are treated with lavish care and affection.

Superstition is also very a common culture for the Russians. If you’re planning to give your Russian love interest a bunch of flowers, keep them in an odd number. Even numbered flowers are said to bring bad luck and are only for funerals. Also, avoid getting yellow flowers as these are believed to be a sign of separation or break-up. Stick with three red roses signifying “I Love You,” just to be safe. Most importantly, Russian women are very particular with fashionable wardrobe. So, on your first date, make every effort to dress up in the best way you can.

If there’s one thing Russians don’t have rules for, it’s the length and pace of their relationships. It doesn’t matter whether it would take you just a few months or even years before marriage. Just make sure to leave love locks at the center of Moscow to commit your everlasting love!

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