South American Dating

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world and is located south of North America. It’s sometimes referred to as the Western Hemisphere or the New Word. It boasts plenty of amazing travel destinations, such as the Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain, Angel Falls, the Galapagos and Easter Islands, and more. Such breathtaking natural attractions bring many visitors each year.

Those that are interested in dating someone from South America may want to do a bit of research when it comes to South American dating culture, as it can vary from other locations in the world. Granted, some parts of South America have become more modern, but in the more remote areas, traditional ideologies remain.

In Latin America in general, machismo is common. This is a term that describes South American men and it means macho, manly, etc. In North America, many coin men like this “macho”, meaning manly, brave, assertive, etc. Latin American men are taught to be the caretaker and protectors of women. This generally works out well, with men gladly being the breadwinner of the home. 

Just be on the watch for men who are overly “macho”. These are the men that will exaggerate their masculinity, perhaps taking it too far feeling like the “own” their woman. They may be controlling, constantly keeping in touch via messages, or acting aggressively. It’s one thing to have the heart of a protector, but it’s another to go to the extreme, so be sure to look for red flags when dating. 

Typically, men and women live with their parents until they find a suitable partner. Family is very important to Latinos, and oftentimes involve them in the whole dating process. Be expected to be invited to family dinners often and actually have to engage with the parents and siblings. 

While family time is important, so is dating out and about on the town. For the Latino, music is life and along with music comes dancing. In the larger cities, you’ll find plenty of men and women dancing to the salsa beat at local clubs. Not sure how to salsa? Take a class or two, or just ask someone at the club to dance with you and you’ll have it down in no time.

Dating etiquette varies, but many Latino women have broken with traditional gender roles and etiquette. Yet, they’re still viewed as a bit passive and quiet when compared to say, North American women. 

Latin American men tend to be super confident in themselves and flirtatious with the women. In fact, because of the way they’re viewed, women from other countries are more apt to find them dreamy in their flirting, whereas if a guy from their native country acted the same, they’d probably roll their eyes and blow them off. 

But flirting doesn’t always mean someone is interested. Women tend to be “touchy feely” – holding hands or hugging, but that doesn’t mean they’re interested romantically. The primary religion in South America is Catholicism, and it custom to teach that premarital sex is wrong. However, there are plenty of men and women who aren’t in the business of waiting until marriage, oftentimes renting a motel room (since many still live with their parents well into their 20’s) to have some intimacy.

If you are meeting out for dinner, be prepared to have a late dinner, as many parts in South America simply eat dinner at 9 or 10pm. However, most people take a nap (siesta) in the afternoon.

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