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Spain is the home of paella, quesadilla, and turron. More than these sumptuous delicacies, Spain has an enchanting culture leaving its visitors wanting for more. With the prevalence of Catholicism, numerous churches like Sagrada Familia and Seville Cathedral will surely leave you in awe. There is no wonder this country is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Many people would want to date Spanish women because they are well know to be very passionate when in a romantic relationship. A Spanish woman is always serious when it comes to relationships. She will make sure the relationship will be a success. She will love and take care of you every day...just don’t make her angry! The Spanish are also known to have fiery tempers. Woo her in a romantic and suave way. Eventually, she will cool down, and everything will go back to normal.

Spanish are known for their good looks and romantic charm. They are some of the slickest talking guys on the globe, however, one can be puzzled by their somewhat metrosexual attitudes being that they aggressively pursue women. This is just part of the laid back attitude in Spain.

If you are into tasty food, chances are you will get along well with a Spanish woman. The Spanish enjoy socializing while eating delicious food such as Tapas. Spanish traditional gatherings such as fiestas revolve around good food and great company. To win the heart of a Spanish woman, you must get her family’s vote as well. Among the family members, give extra attention to her mother.

Another thing you should know about the Spanish is they love to dance. Have you ever watched a popular scene in movies when people around a bonfire are watching a Spanish cutie dance with guitar music? In Spain, it is a regular occurrence. Prepare your best moves before dating a Spanish woman.

Spanish women are not hard to please. Just be ready with a few Spanish phrases, and you’re off to a good start. Follow this guide and you’ll be saying “te amo” in no time.

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