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Sweden is a small country in terms of population with only ten million residents. It is home to cozy cottages, rocky islands, frozen lakes, barren wastelands, and reindeer herders. By exploring Stockholm, taking part of the Midsummer Festival, visiting Gotland, hiking the Kings Trail, and braving the cold in the tundra-like landscape of Lapland, it will definitely be a treat for you!

Dating in Sweden is a bit different from other European countries. Meeting someone new and taking them out is not the definition of a date in Sweden. They use the term fika when asking someone to hang out alone. After involving themselves in several fikas, it is only the time to invite them to go to “dinner and drink” dates with you. Swedes only call it a date once they become serious and intimate with each other. If you still haven’t reached that level yet, don’t scare them away by calling it a date!

Unlike most places in Europe, it is expected for men to pay the bill whenever on a date. But this is not the case in Sweden. It is a country which strongly believes in gender equality. If you are a man who took a lady in a restaurant, don’t insist on paying the bill when she says she’ll shoulder her part.

Most Westerners are used to greeting a person with a kiss - on the hand or a peck on the cheeks. In Sweden, they prefer to give hugs, even if it’s an awkward one. You must do this on every start and end of a fika if you don’t want to offend them. For Swedes, calling is a sign of seriousness in a relationship. Thus, if you’re still on the fika stage, use text or email in asking them out again.

Involving yourselves in a relationship with a Swede is indeed very complicated. Despite the evolution of dating in this modern world, Sweden is still one of those countries who stick with their unique dating cultures and traditions. So, make sure to familiarize with those first before asking them to your first fika.

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