Taiwan Dating

Taiwan Dating

Taiwan is a relatively small country. Despite its size, Taiwan is known as one of the meccas for gastronomic treats and cheap finds. Taipei (Taiwan's capital) is home to several night markets. These night markets feature Taiwan's famous stinky tofu and chicken pops. Taiwan is also the place to be for milk tea lovers.

If finding your next food stop in Taiwan can be relatively easy, finding love in the heart of Asia can entail more work. Here’s what you need to know first before dating a local from Taiwan:

The Taiwanese love to go out in groups. In Taiwan, people go out in groups to watch a movie, to travel, or even to meet new people. Group dates are the usual for Taiwanese. This culture makes meeting new people harder for outsiders. However, this norm is changing due to Westernization. You can still go to a club in Taipei and meet someone you like.

Taiwanese women are among the most approachable people you will meet. The Taiwanese are friendly and helpful, especially to foreigners. Regarding dating, Taiwanese women can be a bit timid from a foreigner's point of view. This behavior is because of their upbringing.

Taiwanese culture does not encourage excessive Public Display of Affection (PDA). The older generations may still look down upon excessive PDA. Even in popular culture and TV shows, heavy kissing scenes remain rare. In Taiwan, people would like to build emotional intimacy first before going into physical intimacy.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese find it proper if the man offers to foot the bill. Offering to foot the bill is equal to being a gentleman. In the end, it is still up to the woman to decide whether or not she will chip in.

Communication, lastly, is vital to break cultural barriers. In Taiwan, be sure to explain yourself adequately to avoid being misinterpreted by your date.

Taiwanese women are a catch. They may seem timid at first, but they will warm up after a few dates. Armed with these tips, you can now go and try your luck in Taiwan. Both your heart and tummy will be happy in the heart of Asia.

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