Tunisia Dating

The name of the country may not ring a bell, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less charming. Tunisia is a country in North Africa situated on the Mediterranean coast of Northwest Africa, just midway between the Atlantic Ocean and Nile Delta. It has a population of over 11.6 million (2018), which puts it at the 78th spot of the world’s global population ranking.

You’ll be fascinated by the country’s old, walled city centers or “medinas,” historical monuments, trains, pleasant weather, and tasty food. But the locals are an even more fascinating aspect of Tunisia. The Tunisian people are highly diverse, with an ethnic makeup of Arabs, Romans, Vandals, Spanish, Turkish, French, as well as other foreigners living in the country. They are also very easygoing in their daily life. If you are looking to be friends with someone who hates stress and pressure, then Tunisia is a great the country to visit.

Tunisian women are known to be smart, tough, and quite charming. Just search for Claudia Cardinale or Latifa. These famous personalities hailing from this country are absolutely gorgeous. Of course, you also need to know Tunisian women observe a keen sense of etiquette. Although Tunisia is rather progressive for the region dating in Tunisia still clings to some of the older traditions. Men shouldn’t be too quick to show his curiosity or interest to a woman, nor should he visit a friend at home who has female family members.

Back in the day, women would cover their head and bodies with a white cloth called the “safsari.” The practice nowadays has become somewhat rare, and so there is no common dress code that is universally adopted. When going on a date with a Tunisian woman, guys should be considerate, thoughtful and pay respects to the traditional customs. Tunisian ladies will be sure to appreciate the effort taken. It is said that Tunisian women can be manipulative, however this falsehood has been debunked in numerous ways. While they are tough, once getting to know them, the tend to warm up to you quickly.

A great dating tip would be to take it easy. Do not rush someone into a serious commitment. Everything takes time. But there is no need to keep on worrying, Tunisian women are keepers.

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