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Ukraine is one of the most scenic countries in the world. From the Carpathian Mountains where you can ski all you want to its only coastline along the Black Sea, you can marvel at its many wonders. Ukraine is the place where you can find the largest desert in Europe, known as the Oleshkivski sands or Ukrainian Sahara. These breathtaking sceneries will keep you interested in staying in Ukraine, but more so because of the breathtaking people, you might meet there.

Ukrainian ladies may come to your date a little late, but they would dress very fashionably since they value their femininity greatly. Ukrainian women are fond of preparing for their dates very well – with all the beautiful wardrobe, makeup, and accessories.

Ukrainian women are very attracted to gentlemen. Just like in Russia, men are expected to pull the chairs for women as they sit, give them a hand when entering doors and walking, and help them get in and out of the car.

For conversation topics, you can talk about politics, religion, or sports, but don’t expect you’ll have similar views with the Ukrainian locals. During your first date, remember to keep your conversations light, easy, and casual. Steer away from sensitive topics which might cause arguments or debate.

Even after the date ends, men still look after the welfare of the Ukrainian women. It’s customary for men to make sure their dates get home safe. They would take care of the expenses too if the ladies need to take the public transport. Men are expected to put their best foot forward all the time. After all, Ukrainian ladies are very appreciative of the efforts of the men. They are never cynical. Instead, Ukrainian women are very kind, modest, dependable, genuine and warm-hearted.

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