Vietnamese Dating

Vietnamese Dating

As a conservative country, online dating is a great way to meet in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia known for its thriving cities and beautiful beaches.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Hanoi, the capital, 

Dating in Vietnam can be a bit tricky, because of the various classes and social statuses. The dating rules have been around for thousands of years, and they’re much different than dating rules in the West.  

Dating is more traditional in nature, with men being the ones who are supposed to initiate a relationship. If a woman asks a guy out or goes after him romantically, she would be looked at in an unfavorable way. People may think she’s too aggressive or “easy”. 

Typically, if man is interested in dating a woman, he will initiate by asking to spend time with her. He very well may ask to spend time with her family too, as family is very important to the Vietnamese community. In the most traditional sense, the man will spend time with the woman and her family several times, and if the family approves of him, they will give him the go ahead to take her out on dates.

In some areas, if a couple wants to get married, the groom’s famil will send someone to the bride’s family to get the go ahead. Then, the groom’s family will front some money to the bride’s village’s community fund. 

Regarding dates, a couple will do many of the same things couples in the West do. They’ll agree to go out to eat at a restaurant, have coffee, or do some other public activity. Going to the movies on the first couple of dates if frowned upon, as it’s not appropriate to sit in the dark with each other that soon in the courtship.

Many men will show up for the date with a bouquet of flowers or small token of appreciation. They’re also likely to pay for any costs incurred on the date. Traditionally, public displays of affection have been discouraged, but today, especially in urban areas, couples no longer keep their affection to themselves. In fact, much of the youth no longer holds to the traditional views on dating, hugging and kissing in public as often as they wish. They also find it quite acceptable to use their mobile devices to communicate with their romantic interests often.

The topic of sex is generally considered taboo, so you won’t find people talking about it openly. Premarital sex is also frowned upon, though there are those that find it acceptable but just don’t talk about it.

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