Adventure Into My Reality

Hi, I'm Rob. I am an ideal companion for a uniquely beautiful girl looking for a guy who's one-hundred percent American. I am exactly what you never had but have always wanted; you deserve a good man. I have great friends who are scattered all over the planet. I have my health and a desire to share knowledge with people around the world. I've been to Korea and Australia; I've met people from every walk of life. I like to feel like I belong somewhere by living there, rather than just being a tourist. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be outside of the states again, but I'm patient. I have a number of interests, like Aikido, role-playing games, politics, travel, cycling, photography, and other cool stuff. I'm a challenge, my life is very busy, I'm playful, young at heart, I'll make you laugh, and where I am is the place to be. I have a clever and quick-witted sense of humor. I'm very open-minded with an international outlook. I like to play Risk. I'm always up for an adventure. I visualize my future and inexorably proceed toward it.

Girl I want to meet: Are you more than just another pretty face? I'm looking for a cool "friendship"; what I mean is someone to hang out with; where you can just be yourself; no pressure, no expectations. Just you for you and me for me and lets enjoy where things can go. If I found a girl who values communication, then I'd be interested in seeing where that could lead. If something happens then it's meant to be. My life has been too busy recently for me to date as much as I'd like, but I'm making time now anyway. I can get a date any day but% of the time, the women, while very attractive, do not value communication. I'm looking for the rare combination of a girl who is stunning on the outside and beautiful on the inside to be the total princess of my life. I love a ay girl or a girl who loves makeup artistry, even if she's spending the day at home. ಌ


Leonardtown, United States
5" 10' (178cm)
187 lbs (85 kg)
Eye Color
Have Children?
Does not have kids
Hair Color
Want Children?
In the future
Social drinker
Willing to Relocate
Actively looking to relocate
Education Level
Relationship Status
Have Tattoos?
I don't have tattoos
What are you here for?
Serious Relationship


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