Foreigner, retired and living in Cebu

I am not a big fond of Internet relationship, don’t like to discuss virtual LOVE FOREVER, etc. I prefer personal and fair relationship with no games. Meanwhile I believe Internet might be a good start to know each other better. I am an US Citizen, just retired and came to live in Cebu. I live in a nice apartment in Lapu Lapu and I love it so far. I am not reach but my small pension hopefully would allow me a simple but quite nice style of life. I also have some small business, so my future girlfriend would take part in that. I am looking for a nice girl around 22-35 to be my love, friend, partner and everything else.
I will start with three things that might be bad:
1. I am separated and cannot marriage formally. Divorce in USA is quite complicated and may take a lot of time.
2. No more kids in my life. If my future love has children it is fine with me, I would be happy to spend time with them once in a while. As well as with my kids I love very much, I hope they would visit me in Philippines sometimes and they already did. Meanwhile I don’t like to live with any kids on a regular bases any more.
3. I might snore at night time.
All the rest looks good enough. I hope I am educated, intelligent, smart, experienced, have good energy... I used to be very tender with my beloved woman, try to satisfy her and make happy as good as I can. This include both attitude, relationship, sex, etc. I am not easy and not simple, but like to live simple life and always be in love and understanding with my partner. If we have any troubles or tensions I prefer to discuss them right away clearly and be fare and sincere. Too old for you? May be, but... My ex-wife is twenty-eight years younger, we lived for nine years together and I was happy, we have a beautiful daughter I love so much, she is five now. And I also don't look for my age, people usually give me around 50, but I am 63. I am quite energetic, used to work hard all my life and don't expect any kind of idle life.


Cebu City, Philippines
5" 8' (173cm)
176 lbs (80 kg)
Eye Color
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Has Kids (doesn't live with)
Hair Color
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Don't want
Social drinker
Willing to Relocate
Not sure
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I don't have tattoos
Not Religious
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Serious Relationship


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