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From the Netherlands(Holland) and living in Vietnam currently. Not many requirements, but just a few "please" Do's and Don't s .

DON'T contact me....
*if you are a scammer :(
*if you're currently already in a relationship (why hurt others?):( *if you like BAD guys who will eventually break your heart :(
*if you just want to practice English (respect us, please?) :(
*if you cannot find the time for building a happy relationship :(
*if you don't really know why you are here...(it's a DATING site) :( *if "smokey, nicotine-filled" bars or "noisy, ear-damaging" clubs are your definition of having fun...:(
*if you simply can't comprehend that quality time is NOT to stare at your camera phone all the time...:(
*if happiness is just not what you are looking for... :(
*if you were a male before.

DO contact me....
*if you are "really" single :)
*if you are willing to create time for building a happy relationship :) *if you understand a bit what happiness means :)
*if love and harmony means a lot to you :)
*if you are in tune with yourself and do understand that relaxing on the couch, cooking together or dining out defines "quality time"...:)
*if you are "smart" enough to recognize that your smartphone and social media are just tools and should never control your daily life and moods...:)
*if you are ready... :)

I am looking for someone to settle down with. Someone who likes movies, science, jazz, reading, and don't mind if I play piano and guitar. A partner who would love to have a garden with me someday, perhaps far from the metropolitan city life... Someone who will be by my side when I go on holiday to Europe to visit my hometown. Someone who is just ready. :) I'll end with that it's easy to start a relationship, but finding a life partner is like a needle in a haystack... I am also convinced that distance should never be an obstacle as long as both parties have the same vision or goal in common. Please take your time to re-read my


Phan Rang, Vietnam
5" 10' (178cm)
201 lbs (91 kg)
Eye Color
Have Children?
Does not have kids
Hair Color
Want Children?
Drinks very rarely
Willing to Relocate
Open to relocate
Education Level
Relationship Status
Have Tattoos?
I don't have tattoos
What are you here for?
Serious Relationship


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