I am down to earth person,who wants to love and be loved. very much friendly,loving,affectionate,romantic and will make my man the happiest man in this world.
I am looking for a man that will love me unconditionally,serious,sincere,and will love me for what and who i am.I have an interest in finding the right relationship for a lifetime. I do not seek a man who will simply say yes to me or who wishes to dominate me. I want a real partner, someone who believes that the right relationships are ones that are shared by two people who give of their hearts freely to each other. Real love is about equal commitment to success and happiness. That is what I want.

A woman with a pure heart that want to be love and not to be cheat or not to be played, Came from the land of beauty inside, Philippines, I am residing at Northern part of the Philippines and I do love where I live its simple, peacefull and most of all fresh air, 

I decided to put an ad here because my friend tell that this is an effective way (hoping to find a man) to find a lifetime partner. Who knows that one day I found my man Here, it can be you , the one I've been waiting for. So I am looking for a man whose honest, sincere of their words, don't make a girl cry or dissapointed and of course loyal that's important. 
I do believe that Honesty is the best policy we should not allow lies in making relationship because it's gonna be ruin or distracting in making a relationship, 

So let me share some of my life story. Or a little about me. I Am alma a girl who's not pretty but for sure My pure heart and the Love of my heart is Richer than any crystal balls, ...Because no one can defeat love and also no one can imitate my love, and the beauty inside, I do believe in saying that what is beauty if u don't have that kind of attitude which is GOOD, UNDERSTANDING AND ALSO LOYAL!! that's the most important one and I am 28 years old has a study before culinary arts and do love to handle some of it. Because I did


Tarlac City, Philippines


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