Let me inspire that great smile of yours;)

I am the one who will make you feel truly and completely loved and cared for as I generate so much affection, warmth and gentleness inside my heart to give to my future partner in full. I am more the heart-on-my-sleeve type and I will surely put my soul into a relationship, never taking my man or his efforts for granted and doing all my best in order to make my soulmate feel happy and satisfied. I am feminine and charming, understanding and patient, a warm-hearted and genuine woman. I have keen sense of humor and optimistic nature. As it is said, my cup is always half full. I am not afraid of hardships as I always invent a large number of ideas or solutions to problems, I am able to offer unusual ways out, I am quite flexible and compromising. I love this life, I am able to see and be sensitive to beauty that surrounds us. If you get to know me you will see that I am pleasant in communication, tactful and polite. I am verbally fluent and can express ideas well. I try to work on self-improvement and do not give up propelling myself to fulfill my dreams. I am punctual, honest, reliable, I keep my promises and finish what I have started. I am a creative individual and it says a lot about my character. :) I have broad interests in many unrelated areas, I can be caught daydreaming and at the same time I am very productive and get things done. When I have free time I read, listen to music, meet with my close people, exercise to keep fit. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors. I love swimming and sunbathing. I am always happy to have a long walk. I enjoy cooking and doing things around the house is also my pleasure. I like cleanliness and in order.


Liloan, Philippines
5" 6' (168cm)
101 lbs (46 kg)
Eye Color
Have Children?
Does not have kids
Hair Color
Want Children?
In the future
Drinks very rarely
Willing to Relocate
Actively looking to relocate
Education Level
Relationship Status
Have Tattoos?
I don't have tattoos
What are you here for?
Serious Relationship


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