I want a family and more children

Hi, my name is Gary Morris Jr, nice to meet you. I am from the USA. Specifically, I live in the great state of Texas, in a little town called Quinlan. You may find me elsewhere.

It's nice here and there is a nice lake nearby for fishing and recreation. Not as nice as your beaches though, I'm sure. 😊

I consider myself attractive, kind, successful, honest, big heart, lots of love, and completely open.

My home and all of my vehicles are paid for completely and belong to me.

I enjoy going to museums, amusement parks, water parks, camping, traveling, road trips, racing, cars, fashion shows, exploring new things, learning new things, hiking.

I try to eat healthy at least 90% of the time. I only eat, on average, once per day. healthy eating for me means no grains, no sugar, limited legumes, lots of vegetables, fruits, moderate pork , chicken , fish or wild game.

I hit the genetic Lottery and I am good looking and have a very nice body type, without working out. When I do work out, it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Grey eyes that change color from brilliant blue to grey and many colors in between. Naturally strong.

I was married to the first woman I dated for 28 years. We divorced one year ago. We are still best friends and see each other pretty regularly. we divorced mainly because we are no longer romantically involved or attracted to each other.

I have two children. They are adults and live away from home.

I am completely open and honest. You can ask me anything.

I have not worked a typical job in 17 years. I have been an entrepreneur and self-employed.

I recently discovered I have combination ADHD. Which explains why no one can ever keep up with me ( I have a lot of energy. I'm hyper most of the time.). Lol

I am looking to find someone to grow older with. I want more children too. It would be nice if you are open to non-monogamy but not a deal breaker. But jealousy is not ok. You must be in control of your self, or in t


Quinlan, United States
5" 8' (173cm)
209 lbs (95 kg)
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Drinks very rarely
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