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We want all members to be able to full evaluate the platform before making a decision about whether or not to subscribe. After signing up, all users automatically will get a 1 week free trial with full premium access.

After that, it can be extended further by another week at a time of your choosing. At that point if you really haven't made up your mind, feel free to contact us and we can give you another extension. We are generous with our subscriptions and always want people to feel comfortable that we are billing them responsibly and at their sole discretion.

If you choose to become a subscriber, you can cancel at any time. Our support team will be available to you 24/7 by live chat within the app itself, we actually just show up as a regular user, so you can speak directly to us if ever you need assistance, we'll be more than happy to help!

The Findmate Difference

This is not a hookup site, or a swipe app, this is for serious dating. This is not the Filipina Tinder, this is really a different type of dating app than the others. We're quite strict on the enforcement of our rules, and while that may be a turn-off for some, its important to help protect our users against Philippines romance scams, which are abundant. Of course we can't guarantee everyone's intentions, but that is what we have set out to build, and our features reflect it. Is this the best filipino dating app? We'll let you be the judge of that. With members all the down in Samar, Leyte, Mindanao and other provinces, we have the Philippines well covered.

Keeping our Members Safe

Lets face it, there is no shortage of troublemakers online. Especially with online dating platforms being open to message anyone, there is always an opportunity for people to try and take advantage of that situation. We go to extreme lengths to continually improve our security and monitoring systems to protect our users with automated intervention systems, augmented by passive human moderation. Our reporting system is top-notch, and makes it really easy to flag people who are suspicious, or are misbehaving. There are a great many free filipino dating sites out there, what you should ask yourself, is how can they support this service if there is no cost? In the end, someone has to pay for it, which begs the question of how then.

Is online dating in the Philippines safe?

It certainly can be. You just have to make your self aware of the potential pitfalls of free filipino dating websites, there are many sites out there that do little to protect your sensitive personal information, and you need to be cautious about who you trust. Never send someone money that you've only met online. You should always be skeptical of unusual claims, they are almost always untrue. If something (or someone) seems to good to be true, they probably are. Its unfortunate that Philippines romance scams are quite prevalent, but we go above and beyond to be totally transparent with the information we have on users, and given those valuable insights, you can have peace of mind that Findmate is a great way to meet Philippines girls online, totally free.

Top Locations

Metro Manila Skyline
Metro Manila

No surprises here that Manila Metro area is our #1 location, being that over 14 million people call this region home, we have a huge amount of users all over the region. Beyond that we also have users in virtually every area with internet and cell coverage.

Cebu City
Cebu City

Logically, being the 2nd largest city in the country, it would be the #2 city on our platform. We have members from all over the Island of Cebu, and of course in Cebu City itself. Mactan island is particularly well covered, as well as many other cities surrounding Cebu City. Being that we're a free Filipina dating app, we're the perfect place to start a real romantic relationship with a Filipina.


Davao, and Mindanao in general are very well represented on the app. Being a quite populated area there are many members you can meet in the app, that you could end up meeting some day in real life if you play your cards right! Using our filipina dating website will help connect you to thousands of members in the Davao Metro area. Besides Davao, General Santos and Cagayan de Oro are also very popular locations in the app with many members.

Angeles City
Angeles City

Being the nightlife capital of the Philippines, its no surprise that Angeles City would be a popular location in the app. Many foreigners travel here to try and find a filipina girlfriend or wife, and many succeed in doing so. It's nightlife scene is booming (during non-covid times), made popular by the many go-go bars around "Fields Avenue" the nightlife center, which has its well known "Walking Street" considered to be a red-light district. As a former US air force base (Clark AFB) is an American Filipino dating site, that helps bring together Americans and Filipinas every single day.


One of the most beautiful locations in the Philippines - and without a doubt the nicest climate wise, Baguio is tucked away in the mountains, but has many members on our app who are looking for love online. The farming capital of the Philippines produces more than just produce apparently, as many members come from this region looking to meet a foreigner online.

Subic Bay

A famous former US naval base has now become a sprawling tourist destination and business hotspot. With the Subic Freeport area being home to big business, and the smaller Sabang area serving foreign tourists, the area has many great destinations for international and domestic visitors to enjoy. If you're looking to meet filipinas online from Subic Bay, you have definitely come to the right place!

A Fresh Approach to Online Dating

Local dating apps limit your access to a broader pool of potential candidates, with Findmate, you'll be able to explore a truly global user base which has a disproportionate amount of users in the Philippines. The P.i. has really taken to the platform being the #1 country by member count, as an English speaking country, you'll have no trouble communicating with hundreds of thousands of potential members all over the Philippines. This is a truly filipino dating site, that caters to those interested in meeting a filipina.

Ladyboys have their own category

Unlike other dating sites and apps in the Philippines - ladyboys have their own specific gender, so for those members who are seeking that you can specifically find what you're looking for, and if that's not your thing, it won't mix and match like it does on other sites, which creates for some awkward situations, and unnecessary discomfort. We welcome all users to join our platform and try our best to help as many people as possible find that special someone..

Instant Real-time Live Chat

No need to wait around to get messages, being that Findmate is an app you can chat in real-time with members all over the world, we'll even show you when they're typing so you can know when to expect a response. We strive to make the experience as seamless as possible, and this is just one aspect which we never stop trying to improve upon.

Ready to Get Started?

Sign-up is a total breeze. We ask for the minimum amount of information to be able to setup a profile, if you want to stay hidden - take advantage of private mode so you can browse the app without others seeing you online. Chat with members, and exchange photos. You can block any countries that you prefer not to meet peple from, and you can browse specific countries that you prefer to find a partner in. Sign-up now and you'll be chatting in minutes.